Mildred’s Blonde is named after Royal Riblet’s seventh wife. The blend between malted barley and aromatic hops creates a crisp, fresh flavor. This beer is perfect for a warm summer day or anytime you want to have a lighter fare. 

Beer Type: Ale     Beer Style: Blonde     ABV%: 4.5     IBU's: 17     SRM: 4



Square Wheel IPA, our flagship beer, is rich with a variety of hops. Dry hopping is a quintessential element in creating this beer. The superb blend of hops and more hops gives just the right amount of bittering characteristics. This coupled with the ideal blend of citrus and malt brings an amazing aroma and complex flavor producing an incredibly smooth finish - a true IPA Lover’s Dream!

Beer Type: Ale     Beer Style: India Pale Ale      ABV%: 7.3     IBU's: 72     SRM: 7


Square Wheel’s Brewers Select IPA, is rich in flavors and aromas of mango, citrus and even blueberry. This IPA provides hop notes that you will have to experience to believe. Balanced with malt flavor , the bitterness is firm but not too intense, bringing the aroma hops to the forefront. Light in color, this flavorful IPA is perfect for any occasion.

Beer Type: Ale     Beer Style: India Pale Ale      ABV%: 7.15    IBU's: 70     SRM: 7 


Named after Royal Riblet, who was the original owner and developer of the Riblet Estate.  Royal’s Red is a perfect blend of barley and hops. The dark crystal malts create a deep red color, which provide an aromatic, rich and distinctive caramel flavor like no other. This Irish Red Ale will have you coming back for more. 

Beer Type: Ale     Beer Style: Irish Red     ABV%: 5.0     IBU's: 37     SRM: 19



Square Wheel’s V16 stout is named after the famous 1931 V16 Sport Phaeton Cadillac, located at the Arbor Crest estate. Our V16 stout is a delicious blend of hops and barley that falls right between a sweet and dry stout. It has the single dark grain dimension of an authentic Irish dry stout coupled with the maltiness of an English sweet stout. It has classic head retention and a well-rounded body. This malty, creamy stout will have you coming back for more. Wheel Brew For You!

Beer Type: Ale      Beer Style: Stout      ABV%: 5.6      IBU's: 39     SRM: 36


Square Wheel Hefeweizen is a traditional German style wheat beer. Hefeweizen means “white beer” in German. The name is derived from the yellowish-white tinge that is imparted by the pale wheat and barley malts from which the beer is made. We use German Hallertau hops which provides a mellow, spicy, hop flavor with some great citrus overtones. In addition, we use traditional wheat beer yeast that imparts a slight bubblegum flavor, making this wheat beer very refreshing on a warm summer day or anytime you want to enjoy a lighter beer.

Beer Type: Ale     Beer Style: Wheat     ABV%: 4.7     IBU's: 19     SRM: 4.9



If you're looking for a great session pale ale this is the beer for you.  The Fruit Hill Pale Ale features the incredibly famous Citra Hops, and has strong floral aromas, grapefruit notes and a hint of toasted marshmallow.  Once this beer past’s your taste buds, you will realize the true character of the Citra hops.  With great mouth feel and a good balance between hops and grains, this beer will have you coming back for more.  Wheel Brew For You!

Beer Type: Ale     Beer Style: Pale     ABV%: 5.5     IBU's: 36     SRM: 5.4



Square Wheel’s SASSY Blonde is a light blonde ale that is highly carbonated with a hint of peach and fruity esters. The yeast we use provides some wonderful characteristics while giving this beer a slight hazy look. The hop and barley bill on this beer are well balanced making this the perfect session style beer.

Beer Type: Ale     Beer Style: Blonde     ABV%: 4.5     IBU's: 17     SRM: 4